Introducing the INGWAZI® range

From tradition and science comes a powerful range of expertly formulated products containing natural ingredients to relieve and prevent a variety of ailments.

Introducing the INGWAZI® range of soap bars, bath salts, body lotion, foot cream and specially formulated drinks that give you everything from daily moisture and care for your skin, to the energy boost and remedies you need for a healthy body and mind. Get all the benefits of traditional herbs from our expertly formulated products.

About Us

In today’s fast-paced urban lifestyle, as we fight for prosperity and status, the trusted herbs we’ve always turned to for strength and healing have become harder to come by.

INGWAZI®combines the legendary benefits of traditional herbs with scientifically formulated ingredients to bring you a range of effective, easily accessible products for the modern person.

Backed By Years of Research

It’s due to years of extensive research that our products can naturally provide what’s needed to keep you and your family healthy.

Scientifically Formulated with Traditional Ingredients

Using state-of-the-art scientific methods our products are formulated using natural and traditional ingredients, which have been used and trusted for centuries.

CPA Complaint

We do our utmost to ensure that all our business practices and the sale of our products adhere to the South African CPA (Consumer Protection Act). 

Formulations are relevant to consumers' needs

All our products are specially formulated to meet the specific needs of our customers. INGWAZI®provides customers with natural products that are scientifically formulated based on trusted traditional methods.